Posted by: Sarah | October 10, 2005

The Blooker Prize

Today’s Times (10 October) carries an article* about the launch of The Blooker Prize, a new award for books which originated as (or on) blogs:

Mr Doctorow [chairman of the judges and co-editor of the blog BoingBoing] said that writers of books and scripts were in a new era in which they could interact with their audience closer than ever before. “We are in a new media age in which how successful you are can be influenced by how much you interact with your audience,” he said.

He added that some publishers were on the verge of allowing readers who pre-ordered books to watch the author’s working notes as he or she completed the work.

Which author’s working notes would you most like to see? ( I’ll think about it.) Would many authors want potential readers to see their working notes while they’re still working on them? And what exactly is meant by “working notes” anyway?

Whilst we’re all pondering these questions, there’s more about the Blooker Prize here on its very own website.

Wait a minute — with much clanking and grinding of gears, my memory is being jogged. Ah, yes, here’s an American author, Robert Olen Butler, showing how he plotted and wrote a short story online.

*requires registration (or a little something from bugmenot).


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