Posted by: Sarah | February 21, 2006

The Dream of Rome Revisited

Carla has pointed me in the direction of Memorabilia Antonina, wherein Tony Keen has written cogently and intelligently about The Dream of Rome, Boris Johnson’s recent 2-part TV series on what the Roman Empire might possibly teach us about how to (or how not to) run the European Union. I posted a sort of preview and blurb of the series here a few weeks ago. As Tony is far more knowledgeable than I am on the subject of Ancient Rome, I urge you to read his post-mortem, A Man Called Boris, and to investigate the rest of his brilliant blog while you’re there.

Speaking of Rome, I’ve just discovered Irene Hahn’s blog, Roman History Books and More, which is a veritable Library of Alexandria on all things bookishly Roman, with interesting links and discussions, reviews and regular posts on all aspects of Roman history and fiction.

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