Posted by: Sarah | February 27, 2006

Update on The Official Rules

The Official Rules for Writing Historical Fiction have been great fun and I’d like to thank the authors of the various Rules for letting me post them here – Vivien Tyler, Elizabeth Chadwick, Alan Fisk, India Edghill and Sarah Johnson. And of course, me.

I’m delighted to report that we can also now benefit from some brand-new Rules:

Alianore has posted the much-needed Official Rules for Historical Fiction (and S0-Called Fact) on Edward II and Isabella here.

And Susan Higginbotham has added some more very pertinent All-Purpose Historical Fiction Rules here.

Learn and enjoy! I know I will. And do let me know if you write some of your own. There are plenty of genres still in dire need of their very own Official Rules.



  1. Lol, I just did. Rules for Writing Scottish Romances.

    I read some when I stayed in Scotland, due to the bookshelves of my landlady and an even worse TV program. πŸ˜‰

  2. Did someone (Sally Z?) ever write the official rules for Sagas? I seem to remember some funny ones there.

  3. Are sagas the ones that feature a spunky mill girl or fish-gutter who starts her own business, or a spirited housemaid who runs off to London and becomes a famous actress?

  4. In the rules I was remembering, the sagas were of the spunky mill girl/fishgutter type. Scary, I can think of a novel that exactly fits the “spirited housemaid” description.

  5. Sarah, you didn’t tell me you had a blog. Discovered this one by accident! Now I’ve bookmarked it. πŸ™‚


  6. I should give the link to my rules so people aren’t obliged to click their way through the Blogger profile. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sarah – you can find my Golden Age Detection rules here


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