Posted by: Sarah | March 29, 2006

Newe Blogges

Discovering new blogs is as exciting as opening Christmas presents! Here are some recently-opened treats I’d like to share with you.

I was delighted to find that Historical Novel Society chums,
Elizabeth Chadwick, Sarah Johnson and Mary Sharratt have recently joined the blogosphere. (Thanks, Alex, for the link to Sarah’s blog.)

Elizabeth is the author of many fine novels set in the early Middle Ages, while Sarah is a professional librarian and joint editor of The Historical Novels Review. Faithful readers of Bookarama will know that both Elizabeth and Sarah contributed to the recent Official Rules for Writing Historical Fiction series, here and here.

Mary is also an author of historical novels as well as being a Reviews Editor for the HNR, and her blog, Sphinx Rising, is dedicated to authors of historical fiction who are rewriting the role of women in history.

And a much older friend has also joined: Yes, folks, Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog and ryghte amusynge it is too. Fulle nearlye as funnye as The Canterbury Tales. Possibly funnier.

Also worth your attention are the following:

Bookworm on the Net, alias author Anne Weale, who writes a weekly blog on all things bookish and may be considered (if she doesn’t mind my saying so) a sort of female equivalent of Grumpy Old Bookman, though obviously not a man, and of course without necessarily being at all grumpy or old. (I hope I haven’t dug myself into a hole here for all to see.) Anyway, her blog is always a good read.

Reflections of a Working Writer and Reader, the blog of John Baker, crime author, who always seems to have something interesting to say. This, for instance:

immersing oneself in a process like this, setting up a new blog, does lead one to look at other people’s efforts. And the result is a kind of waterfall of new ideas and possibilities that could keep one preoccupied for far too long.

How true! But it does keep the mind alive, and it’s good to know that one isn’t alone in one’s bibliomania.


  1. I do like Geoffrey Chaucer’s definition of ‘WTF’ 🙂 And his list of Most Popular Search Terms.
    Many thanks for the links, and for that link in particular.

    It reminds me of a dimly remembered radio sketch from some years ago that went,
    “There I met a scribe called Geoff
    Who took me to a Little Chef
    They brought a burgher to my plate
    It was the Mayor of Billingsgate”

  2. Thanks for bringing these new blogs to my attention, I’m always on the lookout for interesting blogosphere additions

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