Posted by: Sarah | August 23, 2006

Ingeld’s Daughter

Here’s another novel published on the Internet: Ingeld’s Daughter by Carla Nayland has been made available as a PDF file from the author’s website.

The novel is set in a fantasy world that mirrors the Dark Ages in Britain, although like The Lion of Encour (see previous post), it is populated with believable characters, but no elves or dragons. Ingeld’s Daughter is also available as a paperback – details here. On her website, Carla writes about the background to her novel and the reasons for choosing the fantasy genre rather than straight historical fiction to explore particular ideas that fascinate her. She also runs a blog on history and historical fiction, including book reviews and stimulating discussions.



  1. Sarah, thanks for reminding me about Carla’s book. Now my computer is souped up with broadband I can download it quickly

  2. This was a surprise, Sarah! Thank you for the mention.

  3. You’re welcome, Carla. I haven’t read Ingeld’s Daughter yet but it’s on my autumn reading list.

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