Posted by: Sarah | August 23, 2006

The Lion of Encour

Here’s an exciting new writing adventure in blogland: Francesca Scriblerus is making her fantasy novel, The Lion of Encour, available for you to read, chapter by chapter, on her blog. So far she has uploaded the first two chapters, and the third is coming soon. Francesca writes:

It’s a wonderful project, trying to invent a world and a history and a cosmography, and then peopling it, and then giving the people their stories. And it has, for all its imperfections, restored to me my sense of the magic in creation. So, I am going to share it with you…Over the coming weeks I’ll tell you more about the planning and plotting and background to the story, and talking about all sorts of things to do with writing and reading and studying and researching.

With Chapter One Francesca provides an introduction outlining how she came to write the novel, and accompanying Chapter Two are some fascinating insights on the attractions of fantasy writing, along with notes on some of Francesca’s favourite fantasy novels.

So, whether you’re an aficionado of the genre or a reader or writer with an interest in intelligent and perceptive comment on the thrills and spills of writing, I’d recommend regular visits to TheLion of Encour.



  1. This looks good, doesn’t it? I think I’m going to wait until more of the book is posted, though. It’s just so frustrating to want to turn the page and find there isn’t a next page yet!

  2. I wonder how many readers saved up the magazines that published Dickens until they had a complete novel to read? Personally, I can’t wait that long!

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